Hi filmmakers! My name is Hannah Fay Foligno, and I am a recent graduate from UCLA as an English major. I have completed internships in development with producers and filmmakers such as Roger Corman, Sam Raimi, and Robert Zemeckis. I have written, produced, and directed two short films this year, which are projected to be completed by the end of this year.

Young filmmakers constantly remind me why I want to create films. The film industry as a whole comes with its own complications, but whenever I feel discouraged or frustrated, I like to think back to myself as a young filmmaker. I remember how I would sit at my parent’s kitchen table writing for hours on white pieces of paper without lines with a marker.

I remember writing dialogue, creating scenes, and then printing out a copy for each member of my family to perform. I remember the first time I had access to a video camera, which still used tapes, and I would create stories with my sister for our stuffed animals to play out; together, we made our first film. I think back to all these moments and I wonder what made me do it in the first place. I always come back to the same answer: it made me feel alive, in control, and I loved it.

It’s a feeling I can’t quite describe, and it is one that I still experience to this day when I’m creating something I am passionate about. Young filmmakers are inspiring because without any means or without any prior knowledge they create stories that are so honest and so true to what they are experiencing. It feels like the possibilities are limitless.

I hope that these young filmmakers continue with this drive throughout their lives and that they always remember what made them do it in the first place. They’re storytellers through and through. They have something to say, even at such a young age, and we need to listen. And I hope that as these young filmmakers grow up, they continue to push the boundaries of what art can be and continue to tell stories that are meaningful and honest, thus inspiring new and old generations.

Most of all, I hope their pursuits in filmmaking continue to bring them joy and happiness as they see what they are capable of as they grow older. I think if all filmmakers could remember what made them do it in the first place, which usually is some unspoken need or want to create, their passions and their honesty would be reflected in their films.

In addition, as Hollywood shifts gears, as it rightfully should, and as more diverse stories from diverse backgrounds come to light, the possibilities feel endless. Everybody has a story and we need to reflect that. Now more than ever, although it should’ve always been this way, there’s a huge need for stories like these.

For those of you who feel this calling and who spend hours working on something just because it’s what you love to do, keep chasing that. I can’t wait to see what you create!

Hannah Fay Foligno

Hannah Fay Foligno

Hannah Fay Foligno is a writer, director, and actor living in Los Angeles, California. As a recent graduate from the University of California, Los Angeles, Hannah is eager to embark on her career as a filmmaker and break out into the industry! In many ways, her work has already begun.

During her time as a student, Hannah has interned alongside directors and producers such as Roger Corman, Sam Raimi, and Robert Zemeckis and has participated on many short film sets. In the past year, Hannah has written and directed two short films that are projected to be released in December. A notebook is never far from Hannah’s grasp, as she continues to construct stories and characters that are eager to make the jump from the page to the screen.


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