As I scroll through popular apps like Tik Tok and YouTube, it is obvious that content creators are vastly taking over the internet — correction — taking over the world. People can create and post within minutes, market themselves, gain a large following, profit off of said following, and earn a 6-figure plus income in what seems like the snap of a finger! How cool is it that all of this can be done at home, from a phone? The even more mind-boggling part is that a large portion of these content creators and their audience are kids under the age of 18.

When I think of how much power these young people hold, I can’t help but to get excited about what that means for the next generation of filmmakers and cinema specifically. What I mean by that is if these bright teenagers can nail a great 1-minute Tik Tok or 15 minute YouTube video that captures my attention, I’d love to see how they create films. Youth have a special way of communicating and getting a message across that is both unique and inspiring. Pairing that with great visuals, fun acting, and an awesome story — I’m sold.

Seeing children use their raw talent for the entire world to see is incredible to say the least. Kids are full of unmatched potential and great ideas, even I, as a young adult, have learned and am learning so much from them. Entertainment is constantly evolving, visual arts are a wave of the future, and I am absolutely thrilled to have a front row seat on this ride!

Amber Wells

Amber Wells

Amber Wells is a radiant Northern California resident, and a 2019 graduate of Sacramento State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.  She has a passion for writing, entertainment, and social justice, and hopes to incorporate all of them into the shaping of her career. Amber believes in using her interests to help uplift others, leading her to the Kids Movie Fest team. It is here that she is able to use all of her skills to contribute to who she views as the most vital part of society— children.


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