My name is Angel Murillo and I have been fascinated by films, creative expression and writing since high school. I have always aspired to showcase my work for others to appreciate. This is why I was excited when Mrs.B came to my high school and offered an opportunity for a team of students to write and create their own short film.

Between teaching and practical application of film techniques, it was an opportunity I could not pass up. Through this amazing experience, I wrote a screenplay that was made into a short film and gained hands-on experience writing and shooting a film. This was my first filming experience, so I didn’t know what to expect. It was all too much, but in a good way. 

Getting the chance to do something I longed for created a sense of fear and mystery. I genuinely had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know how to shoot a film or write a proper screenplay. Fear got to me and I began to doubt my ability as a writer, but this was quickly extinguished through reassurance and support from my classmates.

During the first days, Mrs. B showed us a French short film that we dissected and analyzed. She identified the themes and taught the importance of certain aspects that were pivotal to the film. As many of those aspects became clearer and I understood what film was all about, the uncertainty and doubt started to fade. From that point, we started applying our ideas to create a short film of our own.

After weeks of preparing my screenplay, and our student actors for the film, we had one day to nail the filming. Shooting the film was incredible and felt surreal from the moment it began. I have so many memories from shooting, like the slate clapping between takes, one of the main actors getting mad because shooting time was extended after school, and shooting our final scene. 

As shooting came to a close I felt a sense of accomplishment. Having my work translated into film was a remarkable feeling that I will never forget. Making the short film with Mrs.B created fond memories of an experience that has stuck with me and expanded my understanding and appreciation of expression through film.

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Angel Murillo


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