Kids Movie Fest – a brand new online short film fest and community for young filmmakers – has just launched their first short film competition for filmmakers 13-18 at The competition presents a unique opportunity for participants to practice their filmmaking skills and express their unique stories, while engaging in a bit of friendly competition.

Entry is free, and each competition involves both audience awards and jury awards with prizes. The jurors are entertainment industry professionals. Each competition has an entry period followed by a one-month voting and judging period. Creators submit a narrative or non-fiction short film, up to two minutes long, that ties in with a bi-monthly theme. The theme of the initial contest is “Joy” and entry is available now via the website and their Facebook page.

The submission period for the first competition ends August 31, 2020 and the voting period ends September 30, 2020.

Founder Phyllis Toben Bancroft, who has previously worked with student filmmakers via a program in partnership with L.A. area schools, created Kids Movie Fest as an outlet for creative expression, and a chance for young filmmakers to learn the trade, access resources, and connect. The site has a blog with staff and guest bloggers providing filmmaking tips, and on their social channels they encourage filmmakers young and old to share their knowledge with the community via the hashtag #KidFilmmakerTips.

“Teens have voices that are not represented in the media and it would be a mistake for their voices to not be heard,” says Bancroft. “We encourage young filmmakers of all levels of experience to flex their creativity, follow their vision, and join a like-minded, supportive, diverse community.”

About Kids Movie Fest

Kids Movie Fest is a program of the Phyllite Foundation – a Black, female-owned 501c3 non-profit based in Los Angeles. Founder Phyllis Toben Bancroft is a Master Teaching Artist and award-winning, credited filmmaker, director of the Emmy-nominated web series Send Me, and a winner of the BET Lenses on Talent award. The Kids Movie Fest team includes college-age filmmakers who want to mentor and help their community.

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