The Roadmap to Making Your 2-Minute Movie

Your movie can involve one actor, no actors (puppets/toys/dolls, narrative over montage, etc.), or multiple actors.

It can be done with a phone, tablet or laptop and free software.

Our competition presents a unique opportunity for participants to practice their filmmaking skills and express their unique stories, while engaging in a bit of friendly competition. All films are 2 minutes and under.

If you already have a film about JOY that is 2 minutes or less, go directly to step #4!

Click here to submit your entry!

1. The Idea

What are you trying to say in your movie? What are you trying to show? Moving pictures are cool, but it’s the MEANING behind a film that gives it its lasting impact.


2. The Plan

 Our post 12 Tips to Get You Started on Your Short Film will help you with this piece. From planning through filming, check out this post to get you going!

3. Action!

Record and edit a film of 30 seconds to two minutes. 

About JOY – What it means to you.

4. Submit

Submit your film through our website or Facebook page. We will review your entry to make sure it meets the contest requirements (length, subject matter), and you will then be entered to win!

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