Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal?
Our goal is to inspire kids to share their unique stories and provide them with an opportunity to showcase their work with a bit of friendly competition.
How will I get notified?
Only filmmakers selected as audience choice winners, finalists and Juror’s choice winners will receive a notification of through email.
Are there prizes?


Entrant understands and agrees that the judges’ decisions are final and that KMF will not engage in any communications with entrant regarding the judging process and/or the outcomes reached.

Audience Choice Award Finalists (15):

KMF Finalist Certificate
KMF Sticker
Cash: $20

Audience Choice Award Winner (1)

KMF Audience Choice Award Certificate
KMF Sticker
Cash: $200

Juror’s Choice Award Winner (1):

KMF Juror’s Choice Award Certificate
KMF Sticker
Cash: $500

What is the difference between a narrative video and documentary style video?
A narrative film is one that uses actors to tell a fictional story that includes a beginning, middle and end. Stories can be based on true events. A documentary style film uses no actors, but instead uses real people to tell a story that also includes a beginning middle and end.
How do I enter?

To enter, go to our Current Contest page for details.

Who judges the films?

All submissions will first be judged by the general public. The top 15 chosen will then become finalist for the Juror’s Choice award judged by cinephiles and film industry professionals.

What is the criteria for the judges choice award?

a.     Story

i.     It has a beginning, middle and end

ii.     It is emotionally compelling

b.     Talent

c.     Production value

d.     Visual storytelling abilities

e.     Bang for the buck

f.      Entertainment value

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